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Since the FCC rules at that time had no provision for repeater operation, stations in repeater service were operated under the Part 97 provisions covering remote control. When pigs fly on radio waves they travel at the speed of light! HF Transceivers Ham Gear: I would like to see at least a portion of the revenue generated from amateur radio, small as it is, to be returned to the service in the form of enforcement of the regulations we are supposed to work under. But there were listeners.

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Some thought we should stay out of it and just stick to traffic handling on CW. A ship prefix is a combination of letters,. Thus began the moment in history that changed radio. Patients by the thousands listened to KFKB's broadcasts, and flocked to Kansas to have the operations, picking out their goat from the pens next to the hospital as they went in. In the new law, amateurs actually "private stations" were limited to a wavelength of meters and a maximum power of 1kw. While this would seem bizarre by our standards, it made perfect sense to the operators of September 19, at

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Now, before any response was made, the ARRL wanted to know exactly what the members wanted. C Commercial L Limited R Restricted S State-owned X Experimental G Glider used C thereafter till In recent years ,many vintage aircraft have used the prefixes for authenticity. Amateurs weren't the only ones taking to the airwaves. Foxtrot Lima is an international 11m DX group from. Vp amateur call prefix vP, Media Research Center. Three new licenses were created at that time, the Extra, Technician and Novice.
It hastened the destruction of probably the greatest man in the history of radio, solidified the stranglehold of another in his quest for total television domination, doomed a viable alternative in the infant television industry, and gave birth to the predecessor of CB radio. The ARRL and others felt that the proposed rules were so restrictive that they might be the end of amateur repeater operation as it existed at that time. The length of time one needed to be an Extra was gradually reduced, until July , when any Extra Class could apply for a 1x2. The FCC did not intend for the Technician to engage in casual conversations on the air. You are right that some of us taking US exam in order to get the Intermediate class license without Morse Code test. Another "Code Free" license idea pops up.

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