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The trainer told the sentinel that his mother called herself Naomi. Jim and Steven were lovers, now in therapy with Blair. I'm grateful for the opportunity. His own eyes hardening at the tone and the criticism, Blair snapped, "I don't know, Jim. Sniffing, Blair finally managed to murmur, "It will be a privilege to be on your team, Simon, for real, I mean. Blair was right; he was exhausted…they both were. As the experienced officer, Jim would take the lead and Blair would back him up, that's the way it would go.

Life's Little Lessons

Blair Sandburg

For the next two weeks, Blair dove into research, his first instinct whenever encountering a new challenge. I'm going to the Academy; I get to be your partner for real. The airwaves and phone lines buzz with the efforts of communication. We are as ready as they can make us to take our places, to do our jobs with distinction. It tasted much better then the hard rubber dildos he had been forced to perfect his oral techniques on, but this was the first time he had ever done this on a living person.

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If he was going to be a cop, and he'd decided there didn't seem to be any other realistic option open to him that would allow him to continue supporting Jim, there was no way he'd ever not do his job or put someone else's life at risk and that was that. Smiling to himself, he didn't have to guess that his best friend had found the damage and seen to the repairs. This story contains depiction of child abuse and self mutilation. There was also a desk and a floor lamp, and the newest addition to the room, one that reflected their new relationship, a hard straight back chair. He felt something twist deep inside, and sadness welled up within him at the prospect of Blair having to know what ending another life felt like. Placing the plate of hot bread in the center of the table, his eyes, too, drifted towards the laptop.
I'd trust any of them with my life …and you can be assured that you could as well. Let me add my own promise - if I ever hear that you opened another letter of mine to Jim, I will personally paddle you myself. Our heroes discover more than they bargained for. Equally sober, Simon nodded in acceptance of the vow. At this point in your relationship, and this can be relaxed after awhile, I don't think a minute of corner time per late minute, followed by a spanking would be too harsh.

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